87% of users burned more calories
Look up to 2 sizes slimmer instantly and burn more calories
Hot Shaper - Order Now - Buy 1 in Black Get 2nd in Nude
Hot Shaper - Order Now - Buy 1 in Black Get 2nd in Nude

The Neotex inner layer
increases heat with
skin contact

Neotex Technology

Absorbant outer layer
sweats away calories
while staying dry

Hot Shaper Features

  • Neotext fiber increases heat simply by being in direct contact with your body
  • Hides your belly and supports your back and posture
  • Do the same workouts you do now but burn more calories
  • Comfortable — Wear it over or under your clothes
Inner Layer Increases Heat - Outer Layer Stays Dry

Includes the
Hot Shaper Nutrition
& Fitness Plans!

Hot Shaper Nutrition Plan
Women Get a Sexy Hourglass Shape
Men Get the Perfect V-Shape
Weight-loss results are not typical. Most people will lose less.
Hot Shaper users followed the Hot Shaper reduced-calorie eating plan and did a cardio workout regularly.
*RSI - International Research Services , October 2013